Danzer’s manufacturing process has been constantly refined and streamlined over the years and is today highly efficient with extremely fast turn around. Every building is bespoke and the manufacturing team works directly from the drawings. Some key points to note include:

Construction predictability: Costly time and budget overruns are a major concern among construction clients. Because it is factory based, our modular building manufacture is not disrupted by weather conditions, site characteristics or trade shortages. Research has shown that 99.9% of Danzer projects are delivered on time and on budget – compared with a construction-industry average of 63% on time and 49% on budget.

Speed of construction: Build times are often reduced by up to 50% using our modular building methods, leading to proportionate savings in site costs and an earlier return on investment.

Quality control: Our factory-based manufacturing environment delivers consistently high quality standards through close control of the entire construction process – our quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Longer life modular buildings: We have recently introduced a new system of steel construction for our modular buildings to meet and exceed the very highest current industry standards. Our fully galvanized, cold-formed steel (CFS) construction system, comes with a 60 year structural warranty which promises longer lives for modular buildings

This new standard of manufacture can be used in the production of the largest modular buildings and, thanks to its improved weight-bearing capabilities; we can now design modular buildings up to 9 storeys in height. This ability will enable customers to make the very most of really limited spaces by creating significant volumes of additional vertical space.