Robust buildings incorporating lockers, changing rooms, showers, WC facilities and referees rooms are amongst the cost effective leisure facilities available in our modular building range.

Home and away, ladies and gents facilities all can catered for in a Danzer modular changing facility. These buildings are designed specifically for the leisure industry / use and features such as Megadeca interior wall finish can be used to help withstand the rough and tumble use these buildings need to cope with.

The project above was built by the team at our Langley Mill plant it comprises 7 x 12m x 3m Open Space modules and provides a highly specified replacement changing facility for staff.

The workforce will enter the building through the double doors and move through to the changing area where they can prepare for work, wash and change into hygienic work overalls, leaving their outdoor clothes in lockers, well away from the plant’s clean production areas. Once they have prepared for work staff exit the building and proceed up a new staircase and into the manufacturing area.

The building, which is profiled steel, is designed and specified to ensure staff to adhere to the highest possible level of hygiene. It features stainless steel urinals, wash basins, WCs, automatic, touch-free taps, Dyson Air-blade hand dryers, diffusers to lighting, double sided benching and lockers.

Buildings can be located anywhere so even if the building is required on a playing field, no problem. Let us quote for your leisure needs, contact us now.


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