AV Danzer Ealing St John's Primary School

Ever resourceful, we have this month relocated a two-storey classroom building on behalf of the London Borough of Ealing.

Erected by us in 2009, it had been used for the last 9 years by St John’s Primary School in Ealing, however the building was no longer required as the school had expanded into other premises on the school campus.

When Redwood College in nearby Greenford was looking to expand, the local authority decided to look first at what property it could re-purpose and the St John’s building was a perfect fit. Still in an excellent state of repair it had lots of life left in it so, rather than commissioning another new build, they asked if we could help to re-locate it to the College.

During the February half-term, we dismantled and lifted the 14-module building and moved it across town to its new location. Having undertaken all the ground works we were able to install the four-classroom building in a double stack configuration which is linked with an internal staircase.

Commenting on the challenge AV Danzer’s Dan Holloway said: “The building was in perfectly good condition and probably had another 20-30 years of life left so it would have been an awful waste to not put it to good use. The plasticoated steel cladding was in remarkable condition so we jet washed the external areas, slightly re-modelled the building with new doors and windows and carried out some minor re-decoration works to the internal walls.

“We also introduced a heat recovery and ventilation system which involved constructing a bulkhead in each classroom to accommodate the equipment. This update to the building also delivered improving energy efficiency which was required to conform to current building regulations.

“We started the ground works in January after initial test holes were dug in December. The ground works continued until we carried out the physical relocation of the building in February. Once the building was installed, we then carried out the revisions and refurbishment including re-instating the internal staircase.

“However, the re-location wasn’t without it’s challenges. Having discovered a very large storm drain in close proximity to the new site we needed to construct bridging foundations and liaise with Thames Water for approval. We were also required, because the site was within a flood plain zone, to excavate and introduce a large water attenuation system to the rear of the site. We also removed fencing and reduced the levels of the adjacent parkland to ensure we could access the site with our articulated lorries and crane. Of course, all of the areas disturbed during the works were put back to their original condition as soon as the building was in place.”

It’s great to see a perfectly useful building put back into good use and we hope that the students are enjoying their new learning space.