Today we wished a happy retirement to one of our longest standing team members, Trevor Goodwin.

Trevor Goodwin AV Danzer

Trevor first started working with our founding director John Holloway back in the eighties when both were at Vic Hallam in Langley Mill. Striking up a friendship which would last throughout their careers John and Trevor parted company briefly when John left to travel the world and eventually return to set up AVGroup in 1986.

Trevor too moved on to a new role but, following his return to the UK, John asked him to join the fledgling company as sales rep and Trevor joined AVGroup in July 1997. Bringing with him a long list of contacts in the industry Trevor set about helping to build the modular business and has been instrumental in enabling us to create the company that we have today.

Trevor Goodwin AV Danzer

As Trevor says: “John had opened the modular production facility at Langley Mill just a few years earlier not far from the old Vic Hallam site. I was brought in to help with sales but back then we were a very small company and it really was all hands on deck. If something needed drawing then I did that and if a job needed costing then I took on the estimator’s role too. Today we have very experienced people who take care of these individual functions but back then we just all did whatever was needed!”

He added: “As the business grew through the nineties and technology became increasingly important we took on CAD technicians and individuals to manage the tenders and pricing, so I was able to focus more on the relationship with our customers which is so important to us. It’s hard to imagine that the business back then would become what we have today and I’m very proud to have been part of its success.

“One particular highlight for me was the opportunity to get involved with the Government’s Classrooms of the Future initiative. We were one of just 4 firms selected to build as a pilot scheme modular classrooms which would lead the way in creating learning spaces that were designed around pupil and teacher requirements as well as being long-lasting and environmentally friendly. We built two modular classrooms for the programme on behalf of Milton Keynes District Council and I was very proud of what the team achieved and how we helped to evolve modular building for the education sector.

I’ve mainly been involved with our Linkpak modular product which has changed over the years to become totally bespoke to meet individual requirements. Modular is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution, it is about being totally flexible to meet every requirement which means we can create spaces which perfectly suit people’s needs and expectations such as being more energy efficient, having to fit small, inaccessible spaces or have the capacity to expand years after the initial installation. I’ve really enjoyed seeing how that has changed throughout my career and watching AVDanzer lead today’s market”

Trevor is looking forward to enjoying some long holidays with his wife Corrine and spending more time in Cornwall with his daughter and grandchildren. A keen antique enthusiast Trevor also plans to use his time developing his interest in antique bottles and Victorian advertising materials and travelling to collectors’ fairs across the country.

A keen family historian Trevor also has Australia in his sights for a visit at some point. As he says: “I have traced my family history back to the 1700’s on one side and I’d like to do more. One poor relative was transported to New South Wales back in 1801 for stealing some lambs. Not only did he serve 4 years waiting to be shipped to “the land beyond the seas” but he also endured a 7-year sentence at the other side. I’d like to know more about what happened to him but have had to wait for retirement to find out!”

Despite having so many great retirement plans Trevor is going to remain working with us on a consultancy basis so we will able to keep his exceptional knowledge and drive in the team as we continue to develop the next generation here at AVDanzer.

Good luck Trevor and thank you so much for all of your hard work and commitment over so many years.