The company’s biggest single commission to date was completed recently and installed in Shardlow, Derbyshire.

Featuring our LinkPak steel and timber modular product, no fewer than sixty four 33m x 48m modules make up this substantial building which will provide laboratory space for a food processing company. The building replaces one which had previously been fire damaged, was towards the end of its lifespan and was no longer fit for purpose.

The client’s requirement for a peripheral corridor running around the facility and half glazed interior partitioning to create different lab spaces was readily accommodated by redesigning LinkPak system’s steelwork.

We manufactured and delivered the units from our Langley Mill factory in Nottingham in four phases – supplying 16 modules with each phase. Our installation team handled the fitting of doors, trims and fixings on site, including making sure the exterior Steni Brick cladding lined up perfectly – a challenging task on a build of this scale. The laboratory team themselves undertook all of the technical fittings such as autoclaves, incubators and extraction facilities.

The completed structure is predominantly a laboratory facility under a ridged roof, with some sound-proofed office accommodation included. A roof top plant room was also added to the design to take care of systems such as heating, aircon and fume extraction and we included a steel access ladder and door out onto the roof for easy maintenance.

We added some nice design touches such as an Oak portcullis-style entrance door as well as recessed porches and canopies to provide shelter in poor weather.

Given the size of this order and the current strength of our order book we are investing in a brand new steel processing facility at Langley Mill so we can produce even bigger and more complex installations in years to come.

Photos courtesy of Paul Fletcher.