AVDanzer’s installation of soccer changing room facilities at Rudheath High School in Cheshire was completed with literally millimetres to spare.

Sport England state a minimum size requirement for home, away and referee’s changing facilities – and the available site was only just sufficient. The three steel modules supplied by AVDanzer amply met the specification, but had to be positioned in the tightest of spaces.

Site access was also very limited, requiring the AVDanzer team to source a small specialist manoeuvrable crane. The installation was carried out from the narrow site gateway, with the crane’s support outriggers having just enough room to steady the lift. A further level of complexity was added, because the crane had to be occasionally de-rigged to allow traffic to pass to the adjacent industrial estate.

Rudheath High has recently won promotion, and with brand new facilities successfully installed and pitch improvements in place, the team now has a ground to match their Cheshire Premier League status.