Legal & General AV Danzer

You can probably see Legal & General Homes’ new industrial unit from space it is so huge, but we do love to get involved with large scale projects and this one is a whopper!!

Legal & General Homes (L&GH) has leased what is the UK’s largest available new industrial unit, The Big 555 in Sherburn-In-Elmet, Yorkshire from where it intends to transform the UK’s housing market by building off-site homes.

AVDanzer was approached by its construction partners Cara Construction to provide the on-site welfare facilities for the L&GH team.

In a sale valued at over £380,000 we have delivered and installed twenty-two 40×11 end-linked, OpenSpace modules which have been erected outside The Big 555. These will provide a range of welfare facilities including a canteen which will accommodate over 100 people with kitchen, servery and store rooms. Ladies and gents changing rooms, showers and toilets, a first aid centre and quiet room are also included.

A further four stand-alone units, which will provide WC facilities, have also been sited within the building itself. Open Space by AVDanzer was specified because of our ability to deliver large open spaces which are flexible and which can be quickly put in place.

With UK housing supply in crisis and a shortage of skilled people to deliver traditional build homes cost-effectively, L&GH is aiming to build thousands of modular houses to address both these issues.

Legal & General AV Danzer

Likening the process to the transformation of the automobile industry, L&G Homes explains on its website: “Before modern manufacturing, cars were built by hand. Some were built by craftsmen at the peak of their trade, some were built on Friday afternoons and were best avoided. Some were built with quality materials, some were not. Some were constantly being repaired and required re-work or even replacement. Things had to change.

“The assembly line transformed the automotive industry; labour became fully trained and highly skilled, quality became paramount, materials and components were honed to be fit for purpose.

“Standard home types are built on site by hand. Some are built by craftsmen at the peak of their trade, some are built on Friday afternoons. Some are built with quality materials, some are not. Some are being constantly repaired and require re-work. Sound familiar?”

L&G Homes’ vision is to build homes in controlled factory conditions by fully trained and highly skilled labour, using computer control and materials and components selected as best-in-class, with every home produced being defect free.

Its team is being trained with the skills to work across all aspects of the new manufacturing facility, so that they become multi-skilled in the design, manufacture, assembly and installation of new cost-effective homes.

The Big 555 is the only new build logistics warehouse larger than 500,000 sq ft in the UK and provides 555,000 sq ft warehouse with 14,607 sq ft of offices.