The Home Builders Federation and the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce have joined forces to launch the Housing the Powerhouse campaign, which aims to increase the amount of new homes being built across Greater Manchester.

The campaign is also intended to encourage a debate about how the region’s technology, manufacturing and logistics sectors can be supported through the planning system.

This is great news for many of our housebuilder clients in the region such as Taylor Wimpey, Barrett and David Wilson Homes who are placing record numbers of orders with us for on-site welfare units. You can read more about how we are working with housebuilders here

The Powerhouse campaign shows that increasing the housing target from the 11,000 proposed at present to around 16,000 per year would provide enough homes to meet current and future needs rather than a predicted shortage of approximately 100,000 homes, provide the types of homes that meet people’s needs, ease pressure on local housing markets and boost the supply of affordable housing.

In addition, it is believed that planning for 16,000 homes per year means that Greater Manchester’s economy would benefit from 15,000 construction jobs generating an additional £8bn in gross value added, attract 10,000 more families, and produce £175m per year in local authority council tax receipts.

You can read more about the Housing the Powerhouse campaign here