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More news on the expansion of Danzer’s international business.

Here’s an update from our intrepid team which oversaw the recent installation of a document storage facility for Iron Mountain in Helsinki on behalf of our long standing client Osborn Associates.

Bill Holloway supervised the delivery, working with Andrew Little and Paul Fletcher and, in his own words, tells about battling the increasingly stormy seas to ensure the project was delivered on time and in perfect condition.

“It took just one month to build and fit out the four HighLine modules from our Nottingham production unit. Once this stage was complete we loaded up onto the articulated trailers and were all ready to head off in the direction of Hull Docks, Helsinki-bound. At the precisely the same time we were advise of long delays in the North Sea due to the relentless stormy weather we experienced across Europe in December.

“Prior to departure the windy weather continued which meant that the ship we were booked on, the MV Misida, was now running 5 days behind schedule! With our flights already booked well in advance and no other seats available on later flights we were starting to get very worried that all of our careful planning would come unstuck.

Thankfully our carrier was able to find space for our cargo on another ship at the last minute and we were able to stick to our original shipping schedule.

“On the day of departure Storm Desmond reared his ugly head and our shipping contractor had to move us onto an alternative carrier, the massive MV Finnhawk – It’s a roll-on, roll-off cargo ferry which looked like it would stand a pretty good chance against anything the North Sea fancied throwing at us. It was certainly very reassuring knowing that our precious cargo was on board such a colossus !!

“Three days later the units rolled off at port in Helsinki and we were mightily relieved to see that everything was intact and in perfect condition despite the treacherous crossing.

“We drove to site and arrived two days later where our pre-booked cranes were ready and waiting to lift the units off the transporters and lower them onto skates in readiness to be gently rolled into place within a warehouse on site.

“Once the erection and linking was done the sub contractors moved in swiftly to finish their work and the building was handed over to a very happy client, on schedule on the 17th December.

“To our delight we even had time for a day of sightseeing around the beautiful city of Helsinki before flying home for Christmas. At least by then the storms had abated a little thank goodness!”