March saw us return to the Channel Islands, this time to deliver and install eighteen units which will provide welfare accommodation for the team which is building the island’s new sewage works.

Back in November, the Jersey government awarded North Midlands Construction (NMC) the £65m contract to design and build the new works at Bellozanne, St Helier.

The existing Bellozanne sewage treatment works have been in operation for nearly 60 years and the renewal programme will improve efficiency and performance of the facility.

North Midlands Construction Jersey AVDanzer

The eighteen secure steel welfare units, which have been purchased by NMC, are configured over two stories, stacked 9 on 9, and will be on site for the duration of the construction programme.

The first floor provides welfare facilities while the second floor is a comfortable and functional office space for the team. We have also installed a viewing platform at one end which gives a line of sight across the entire project area.

The challenge for us on this particular job was to co-ordinate the installation of the units which were transported to St Helier by road and sea. Each unit was driven off the ferry by lorry, unhitched and stored securely on site while the cab returned to collect the next trailer. The whole process took almost two weeks which meant finding a haulier who could spare eighteen trailers for a fortnight and ensuring that we had enough space on site to store all of the units. Once most had arrived we were able to start erecting the complex which required an 80 tonne mobile crane to lift the units into place.

Luckily, we thrive on a challenge and we managed to get the units shipped, stored and installed in perfect order, much to the client’s delight. We also arranged the erection labour for the fit out and installation with our team of three operatives on the island for ten days.

The project on Jersey follows the completion of another scheme in the Channel Islands, this time on Guernsey.  We have create modular Facilities Building for the new waste transfer facility on behalf of contractor Wood Environmental and Infrastructure Solutions UK Limited. You can read about that here.

The development of the new sewage works is being sequenced to keep the existing facility operational while redundant areas are demolished, new structures constructed and upgraded plant is installed. Completion is expected in December 2022.