Many years of expertise in delivering projects nationwide have enabled us to develop and define a suite of market leading products that are perfectly suited to the special requirements of temporary and permanent buildings.

AVDanzer Linkpak modular buildings are now the industry standard in modular accommodation. Years of expertise gained from delivering projects for schools, colleges and nurseries have enabled us to develop and refine a market leading product, perfectly suited to the special needs of pupils and teachers.

We can add further units, another storey or even move your building to another site. The rules for conventional building construction simply do not apply to the Linkpak, with low running and maintenance costs and short installation times, we continue to expand your possibilities.

Reducing lead times, increasing energy efficiency, optimising space and minimising environmental impact.

We continue to provide:

• Energy efficient heating and lighting systems to optimise the working environment and minimise running costs
• Integrated security and hazard control systems with remote monitoring
• Removable and reusable access and partitioning systems to provide flexibility in use
• Continual refinement to building specification and build quality to harness improvements in building materials technology

Environmental features that use sustainable resources

• Sun tubes harness and refract sunlight to illuminate the interior
• Natural rainwater harvesting reduces water consumption through toilet flushing
• Natural ventilation and heat insulation deliver the optimum working environment