2018 has got off to a flying start with multiple orders in production at Langley Mill for bespoke modular solutions for schools, colleges, academies and nurseries, and it is a trend which shows little sign of slowing.

Classroom Portable Modular Buildings

Our experience is backed up by the recent publication of the UK Powerhouse study, which highlights that Manchester is home to the fastest growing education sector in the UK.
And nationally there is a significant focus on investment in school building programmes to reach the target of 750,000 new school places by 2025.

Building classrooms across the country

AVDanzer has been creating bright and airy new classrooms, storage facilities and changing rooms for schools for many years. We often work on behalf of a Local Authority, but occasionally we work directly for schools themselves – especially in the free school and academies market.

We have completed projects for infant, primary, secondary and special needs schools right across the UK including:

Greenfields School Portable Modular Buildings

• Greenfields Children’s Centre for the London Borough of Ealing

Nottinham Schools Portable Modular Buildings

• The Radcliffe-on-Trent Infant School for Nottingham County Council

St Andrews School Portable Modular Buildings

• St Andrew’s Primary School in Cobham

Last year we delivered a new primary referral unit for Summerhouse School in Dulwich, Central London which, according to Head Teacher Maureen Thomas, has: ‘transformed this tiny area into an entirely functional and useable space which provides us with an invaluable new resource.’

There are many clear advantages to modular classrooms including lower costs and fast delivery, but perhaps most important is the ability to design each new building to meet the school’s exact requirements.

Adhering to rules and regulations

Modular solutions for schools are not only more cost-effective than traditional building methods, they can also be delivered in a fraction of the time. Designed and constructed to permanent building standards, they comply with the latest building regulations and Department for Education guidelines for teaching and learning.

The use of modular construction methods in schools also reduces disruption to teaching and time on-site, both of which are essential factors when schools have an urgent requirement for additional pupil places.

We can undertake the ground works for new installations including drainage, delivery and installation, foundations, trenching and tarmac surfacing. Ours is a full service, from order placement to handing over the keys to a fully functioning new classroom.

Special requirements for safe learning

And it is not just the provision of new teaching spaces which schools need. We are often asked to accommodate very specific requirements such as limited access for installation and siting, sound-proofing, re-inforced and impact-resistant walls (especially for schools teaching children with special educational needs) as well as providing disability access with additional equipment such as hoists, tracks and disabled washroom facilities.

Because every modular school building is designed and built to order these requirements can be identified and specified in advance then designed into the building before it is brought on site.

Bright and tactile learning spaces

Outdoor play and teaching areas are also an important consideration when creating great learning environments. We make sure that every building makes the most of the available space both inside and out.

By also providing finishes such as weatherproof canopies, safe-play areas and playground equipment, we can deliver fun, bright and engaging spaces which connect the outside environment with more traditional learning areas.

Through 2018 we will be bringing you a series of blogs to show how modular building solutions can so easily deliver amazing educational spaces.


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