It’s not every day you get a military escort to a job but, thanks to the location of our latest installation, that’s exactly what happened.

We were commissioned by ADG Architects to provide new changing facilities at Hipswell playing fields, which are adjacent to the Catterick Garrison barracks in Yorkshire. Access to the site is through the barracks so the soldiers had to escort us when we arrived.

Sadly, the old changing facilities had been vandalised and burned down so a new, more secure system was required. AVDanzer’s steel OpenSpace product was specified by the architects due to its robust, anti-vandal design.

The installation team laid a large amount of trackway across the playing fields to minimise any damage to the surface and over two days we transported into place 8 units which are stacked 4 on 4. We also built an external steel staircase to link the units.

Catterick Garrison Barracks ADG Architects Hipswell

On the ground floor we created, male and female changing facilities, toilets and storage area for equipment and a shower cubicle. On the second floor there is a kitchen with a dining area, office space and a changing/teaching area. We have also added a viewing platform so visitors can look out across the playing fields.

The facilities will be used by the local community and the soldiers who are based at Catterick while training.