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Bristow Helicopters has entered into a significant rental agreement with AV Group for a series of steel modular units. They will provide accommodation and welfare facilities for its new helicopter search and rescue (SAR) team, which will operate out of Lydd Airport in Kent.

The SAR operation from Lydd will employ about 30 crew, engineers and support staff and the airport has undertaken a significant programme of re-development to accommodate the new service. New facilities include a runway extension and new hangar.

The twelve 9.7m x 3m steel units, have been manufactured by Danzer Limited for AV Group. They have been fitted out specifically for Bristow Helicopters and will provide support facilities, enabling them to carry out missions along the south coast from Lydd for at least the next 12 months once the RAF ceases operations in July.

Danzer’s Dan Holloway commented: “This is a unique project and we are delighted to be able to provide some of the facilities required to deliver such an important service. We were selected by Bristow due to our ability to develop cost effective layouts, using our 32×10 OpenSpace modules and cabins, and we designed the configuration which best suited their needs, available space and budget.”

The units have been installed within the main hangar at Lydd Airport. The space created will provide; Avionics and Aircraft workshops, a bonded store, lecture and training rooms, separate chief pilot, crewman and engineer’s offices and welfare facilities including locker rooms, a canteen, toilet and showers.

Bristow is to replace ageing RAF and Royal Navy Sea King helicopters with Sikorsky S-92s and AgustaWestland 189s, with services based in 10 locations around the UK.

To find out more about Bristow’s search and rescue operation at Lydd click here for a BBC news report.

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