National Grid Humber Project Skanska

At the end of 2016 we took on one of our largest ever projects; to provide support facilities for the team which is delivering the £100m National Grid Humber Tunnel pipeline. This extraordinary project is of epic proportions and the pipeline will have the potential to convey up to 40% of the nation’s gas supply.

Skanska, which is working in a joint venture partnership, is designing and building a replacement high-pressure gas pipeline within a tunnel underneath the River Humber. When complete it will be 5.5km long with a diameter of 5m; the longest tunnel gas pipeline, inserted in a single string, in the world.

AVDanzer is providing a total of 50 welfare modules to support the on-site team of managers, contractors and sub-contractors. The facilities will include toilet and wash room, changing rooms, lockers, relaxation areas, offices and meeting rooms. The units are currently being manufactured at Langley Mill and will be on site from April.

The three-year project is worth nearly £40m to Skanska and will see the existing pipeline, which lies on the riverbed, replaced with the 5.5km tunnel route. Over time, the tidal patterns of the River Humber have eroded the river bed which covered the existing pipeline, leading to parts of it being at risk of being exposed. 

The team plans to insert a single string of 42” steel pipe and connect into the above-ground installations at Paull, east of Hull, and Goxhill on the opposite bank of the Humber.

More detail about the project was reported on in the Construction Enquirer and you can read more about it here.

Colin Nicol, operations director, Skanska said: “The joint venture was formed to bring together international expertise to deliver, in an innovative, sustainable and collaborative way, a tunnel that will protect the pipeline for the long term, helping National Grid to provide a vital service to millions of people.”

The River Humber pipeline is part of the national transmission system – connecting the import terminal at Easington, on the East Yorkshire coast, to the wider network and delivering gas to millions of customers throughout the UK.