Time to Talk Day 2021

Today we are encouraging all our employees, whether they are working at one of our three depots or in their homes, to take part in Time to Talk Day.

A small conversation about mental health has the power to make a big difference to someone and our hope is that we can make that difference. So today, and into the future, we are encouraging everyone at AVDanzer to; check up on colleagues by asking if they are OK, having a quick chat with someone in the canteen and of course continuing our regular virtual check-ins on staff who are working at home.

Here at AVDanzer we already have a range of support systems in place which are available for all employees to use. These include; access to an Employee Assistance Programme and a listening ear and assistance from specially trained Mental Health First Aiders.

In what is still a very challenging environment for us all, with the continuing covid-19 pandemic, we hope that today helps us all come together so that we can end mental health stigma.